Sunday, April 17, 2011

Poem Free Write - Footprint

Where do you leave your foot print? Where do you walk and where have you been? Does your footprint lead backwards along a trail that can be followed or do you hide your footprints? Paranoid about being followed or traced. Five toes, a ball and a heel. One little footprint can make all the difference. People these days talk about your environmental footprint, your carbon footprint, but the world has been around for a long time. Socrates had a carbon footprint. The little woman that made sure that Caesar ate his veggies had a carbon footprint. We all exist on this planet. We all are here and we're leaving something behind, good or bad. The fact is that it's more that just the environmental impact we have on this planet that we leave behind. Even those with no "legacy" leave something behind, be it their preserved body in the ground or the effect they had on their mailman when the mail started piling up after they passed. We all leave something behind. The Dao - our way, our path - whichever path we choose to take in life. We leave our footprints, showing paths before and we'll leave footprints on the paths to come. We make decisions and we leave a mark - if no where else, we leave a mark within ourselves that illustrate the paths we take. A child within his mother still has a footprint, still exists. For all the world we think children are the potential - but they are more than the time they have yet to live - they are LIVING, they are experiencing, they are doing it now. And we should do it now, because we are no more the path that we have left behind than children are the path they have ahead of them. 

Initial thought:

Time: 8 minutes

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